Words, Energy & Busy

I’m a quote queer. I love them and I can speak in ‘bumper sticker’ at the ‘drop of a hat’. Words are words and can be combined and designed to evoke feeling. I love words. Words are powerful. They can strengthen or weaken. They can sweeten or sour. They’re often twisted, misunderstood and weaponized. Likewise, a lack of words or no response is just as mighty. I’m a lover of the spoken and written word but actions hold answers; what a person means to another or what is important to them and what is not.

Energy is another way we assess a person or an intention. Energy speaks first. Gut feelings are our guardian angels, who are giving us a ‘heads up’. People show us who they are, when we pay attention to their ‘vibrations with information’. Intentions are often revealed.

Busier is not better. We’re as busy as we want to be. I’m a filler of space, to my own detriment. I’ve often equated busy with satisfaction, even when I know the two are not equal. Busy is just busy but satisfaction is quality; the heartiness in life between people and our connection to them. When we’re stretched too thin, we quickly become watered down and our potency is diluted. In other words, we’re not giving out as good as we could or should. Watered down can quickly become washed up.

When our confidence is built and we trust our truths, we live them. Our words connect to our actions, our energy speaks our language and we become less busy and more fulfilled. What belongs in our lives is attracted in and sometimes the unworthy takes itself out.

What we put out and what we accept in, is a choice. This results in the cage we live in or freedom we feel.

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