I’m increasingly appalled by the hatred spewed like venom across social media. I have spent far less time there because of this. This separation from the negativity has been a welcome change. 

Negativity comes in a variety of forms, outwardly direct hate at individuals, some people are martyrs disguised as do-gooders who continuously fight, while others secretly sprinkle meanness into their posts. 

If a person finds themself happy about another’s misfortune, someone’s bad health diagnosis or another person’s hurt, this might require a visit to their own reflection. Truly content and well-intended people, even when having an opposing opinion from another, do not wish ill on others. 

Is it projection that causes a person to be vile? Perhaps there is something in their own life that ‘hits close to home’ when they speak negatively about another. Could this be reflective, a lack of self love? Or is it merely a lack of intelligence, an inability to voice an opinion without bringing someone else down in the process?

The act of hating, spreads negativity and this is detrimental to our well being. Hatred is the enemy. Using the word ‘fight’ in so much dialogue is also unhealthy, ineffective and unattractive. There are meaningful and productive ways to be for something, strong and satisfied humans do this every single day. 

Growing up, I was never allowed to say ‘I hate you’, this was the law in our home. Today, this remains engrained in my brain. To hate is to lose one’s control and to hate is to lose, period. Ultimately, when we hate, we become weaker. 

I remain firmly planting in the belief that people are genuinely well intended, yet occasionally misguided or unhappy. This may cause them to fall back on hate as a weapon. 

When we focus on what we are for rather than what we are against, we win. Likewise, when we find more reasons to be together than to be separate, we become stronger. When we decide to be better, we simply are. 

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