There is power in the pause, another ‘catch phrase’ routinely spoken in our yoga practices. How we are on our mats is a mirror of how we are off of our mats. Pauses happen in both places and we probably respond to them similarly.

Are we uncomfortable with the silence and the non-movement or do we cozy up with the curiosity of the unknown and the not-yet- discovered? When we slow our roll, we are gifted with an opportunity to get to know ourselves better. 

Our energy is simply vibrations with information and this energy is felt a little more when we pause. This is an ideal chance to gather up these messages and do something valuable with them.

Our thoughts and bodily sensations are magnified when we pause? Do we feel the feels and do the work necessary for progression or do we render the pause powerless by ignoring? If we absorb, study, activate and learn, the pause can turn into peace. 

What happens when the quiet penetrates our busy life off the mat? Currently, many of our regular routines have come to a screeching stand still. We are finding ourselves un-lead and undone. The satisfaction and stability that we were getting from our daily schedules has gone by the preverbal wayside, living us with gaps of space and tons of time. How do we move into and through these new hours, days and weeks? This slowed down journey is filled with potential, depending on our mindset and willingness to embrace.

Our pauses beg for self-reflection and a honing in of the hunger that we have for our most true lives. If we pay attention to reoccurring thoughts, day dream desires and pined for passions ~ we can create a decent outline of a more rewarding life. This stripping down of our mundane daily duties and forced environments, may have us thinking a bit differently about what our next chapters can be filled with. Likewise, we notice the beauty that is tucked nicely into our every day lives, the subtle greatness that we sometimes forget to be thankful for ~ our unconditional loves.  

We might already be experiencing some of these perfect pauses, they’re perfect because the space has been made for us to glance into our lives with wide opened eyes. We see all the fabulous right in front of us, it’s the fantastic that has been there all along.

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