Words that we repeatedly echo during yoga, “stability first and flexibility second”. It’s a regular mantra, as we successfully build our postures. The same is true off the mat, securing a foundation before adding additional challenges is a smart way to prepare and to succeed. 

It’s critical to be strong and flexible now. Our core base begins at home with safety and protection of our good health. Secondly, we navigate through an ever changing landscape through flexibility. Each new day is bringing different challenges and directives. Being open to change is necessary in maintaining our sanity. 

“Change is the only constant”, right? A hundred more things can be said about change and most of them involve growth, discovery, development and evolution. Change has the ability to put our lives into prospective and at the same time magnify the important. The insignificant that previously bogged us down, quickly goes away. It’s in the loss of our normal that we are directed down a new road, grieving the old while still driving forward.

Like most new avenues, there are inevitably twists, turns, bumps and even places to coast. This new direction may require sharp focus and a mind open to embrace a new normal. 

We can take our cues from nature and in New England we have the best teacher. We witness how beautiful change can be, as each season unfolds. Even nature showcases some confusion and chaos ~ yesterday was mild and sunny, today we have snow and rain. Each environment has us adapting. 

You see, we are nature and we are responders and experts on change. Shifting climates requires us to hone our ‘change skill set’. Are we resistant or resilient? Can we flow, be fluid and fit into new spaces in new times? Are we able to see the good during the bad? Can our rattled selves become smooth operators? 

Are we able to continue with a positive mindset, to not allow the worry and negativity in? Can our positive thoughts become body guards to our brain. A strong mindset will sturdy a new  foundation. 

Maybe we’ve been in constant training for times like now. 

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