Season’s Affect & Order

We are changed, we are enriched, we are blessed by each good-bye and each directional swing.

A winter hike doesn’t disappoint. Nature connects us to ourselves, beautifully and better than any technology can. We are nature. We are winter, spring, summer and fall. We are the rhythm, the ebb and the flow. We are the sensations and the struggles.

The winter months build our resilience, patience, strength and survival skills. It can also have us feeling stuck, cold, bitter and frozen in places both figuratively and literally. It’s a time to hunker down and conserve. Walking through the woods, it’s clear that nature bends and breaks. It’s silent and serene, begging for reflection.

I’m loving it yet longing for its release. The blue skies bring hope that a long winter will soon end. The trees are begging for their leaves. The barren landscape feels fresh and ready to be painted with varying shades of green. There’s an absence of bird’s song and animal movement. Nature is both sleepy and busily recharging.

Days are getting longer, and the tease of spring is on the horizon. We happily welcome muddy trails and bumpy back roads. The softness of winter’s white will soon become stained and soiled. This shift will make way for the plushest of picturesque panoramas. We’re ready for the new and prepared to say good-bye to the darker days. There’s a lightness that comes with springtime. We shed our past, we roll our windows down and open our outlooks. Spring in New England hugs our tired winter bones. Our moods lift and our positive selves shine.

Summer hijacks spring effortlessly. The seasons blend like two old friends. Before we notice, lakes are crystal blue and the sun blooms all. There’s a fullness that surrounds, like nature has had a full course meal. Dog days of summer never seem to howl long enough. Weekends come and go at a breakneck speed. Sunny spender heats and hovers. When the sun shines, people glow. It becomes easier to relax. The heat has us soaking and savoring fleeting moments. Winter and summer are polar-opposites that create similar scenarios, a natural slowing down.

Soon the summer ‘uncles’ to cooler nights and crisper air. Autumn is the beginning of the end of another year. The reminder that we live in continuous change. We are changed, we are enriched, we are blessed by each good-bye and each directional swing. This is growth that grounds. Fall’s flattering foliage is nature’s fireworks, a restless rejoicing. Soon the leaves fall and coat the earth, bracing and supporting yet again. We are naturally nature.  

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  1. I can’t imagine living where there are not four distinct seasons like we have here in the north east. Nice reflection Leigh Ann.

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