Purpose > Perfection

When I’m behind the camera, teaching yoga or writing, I feel like me. It’s an extension. I’m satisfied, at peace and whole.   

Purpose is that ‘thing’ that shoots energy into life, like rocket fuel. It’s the mixture of talents and truths that live inside the flesh and bones, making us feel both restless and at peace. It rests below the surface, patiently waiting to be acknowledged, celebrated and showcased.

The reach for perfection can sidetrack purpose, focusing efforts in the wrong direction. We mustn’t be hindered by the mind, that often holds us hostage by fear. Expectation can ‘speed bump’ the cultivation of our genuine selves, too, wasting precious time and vitality.

Once purpose is discovered, unfolded and refined, it’s as though the universe nods, ‘yes’. A nightlight converts into a stoked fire. This ‘spotlights’ the pathway of purpose, the endless highway filled with opportunities to grow and glow. Authenticity stamps our lives through our spirit and insignificant obstacles dissolve.

There’s no substitution for living our truth. Navigation is personal, no ‘one road fits all’. All roads lead us to lessons. An experiential life offers a process of trial and error, in a ‘getting to know me’ sort of way. This takes patience, dedication, and determination before development. We mimic, we pretend and try on. Our honed skills gathering in our tool box, waiting to be used.

A purposeful existence sits comfortably among all areas of our lives; enhancing, strengthening, balancing and connecting it all. This gift is worthy of sharing.

We notice when the light is turned on. It’s empowering, contagious and inspiring. It’s a power incased in the soul, untamed and free.

Inside out is where freedom is found.

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