Parenting Porridge

The blurred space between the big adoring eyes and the regular eye rolling,

Current and unstoppable time is filled with feels that are overflowing.

Our vulnerable hearts live in little lives, we monitor and mold.

With suspended breath, their singular carved lives unfold.

It’s a daily ache, endless page turning, in a chapter titled past.

Only soothed by satisfaction and fading memories that somehow last.

How do we ease the heaviness, the non-stop stops and starts?

It’s the belief that more chapters will bring us closer, not apart.

Parental love is a restless bear hug we continue to adjust. Not to tight but just right,

As we encourage their own path paving and dreams to take flight.

We turn the ache into hope and the past into treasure,

We live in the moments, as we know this life isn’t forever.

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