On Corona Time until We’re Back Together Again

So far, I’ve loved my family more, tried new recipes, cooked more meals, practice patience and became a better homemaker. I rediscover nature, taught my children yoga, figured out how to put yoga online and learned how to work from home. I’ve worn comfortable clothes endlessly, embraced the hunkering down process and savored in the extra time with family. I’ve organized my closet, exchanging my winter clothes for the warmer weather ones. I’ve reevaluated the function of our house. I’ve marveled at my husband, as he creatively transforms another space. I’ve examined my life and considered additions and subtractions. I’ve played with our pets and exercising more. I’ve gotten to know my Mac and discovered many opportunities on the internet to improve and progress myself. I took a photography webinar and I’m writing more. I’ve cared less about my hair and makeup and more about my connection and my impact.

I’ve thought about my mom a lot and how isolated she has to be. Her once busy social circle has dispersed into their respected homes. I’m searching for ways to help her fill her time. I shopped for her and appreciated the reversal of our roles. Now, I’m telling her that she has to stay home. I’ve realized what a privilege it is to still have a mom and how happy I am that her health is good and safeguarded. 

Unless, we’re on the front lines of fighting this pandemic, we’re finding ourselves with an abundance of extra time, let us not waste it. It’s a gift not given to everyone. Just turn on the television or step into to a grocery store, a post office or a hospital. These hometown heroes are still working their jobs; providing services, selling goods and helping to heal the hurt.

Those of us who are fortunate to be quarantined in our warm safe homes, should not complain, be bored or waste our time. Let’s be grateful, reflect, dream, improve our health and strengthen our family bonds. We can enhance our lives by finishing unfinished projects, calling our friends and picking up an old or new hobby. We can get organized and prepared for our futures that will eventually happen beyond our front doors. We are the designers of our time and decide the quality of it.

No day should be wished away, go unnoticed or go without meaning. It’s our outlooks, frames of mind and choices, that build better days. We should be like kids in a candy store, rubbing our hands together, imagining the possibilities. 

Many of us have the luxury of this new found time. Just think about our extra time, time when we ‘prepped ourselves to go public’, drove ourselves to work (I’ve gained over 3 hours a week just here), brought loved ones to practices, attended games and went to social events. It’s a jackpot of opportunities.

Let’s continue to become reacquainted with those who we share our homes with, nest happily, hope  continuously and pray constantly. Let’s read, cook, create, climb, write, call, connect and be grateful for the gains. Let’s give away our time, love, resources or energy toward helping this global situation, any way we can.

What the world needs now is love, sweet love. We shape the way we give it. 

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