Meet Mat in 2020

Actually, in a yoga class you’ll meet yourself ON a mat. Come as you are; unfinished, untamed, unframed and unapologetic. Come barely done, almost done, well done, newly done and or never done.

On your own personal ‘magic carpet’, you’ll embrace your patched together imperfections and celebrate what you love. In other words, your collective self; the wins and the warts, the ups and the downs, the good to the bad. This is the you who’s character has been carved out by challenge and change, who’s spirit soars and toughens. You’ll highlight the sweetened you, made sweeter by stacked up stories that have unfolded year after year, filled with people and environments that have touched and mended your ever opening heart. Come own it all, one and all!

A yoga practice is for every body, mind and spirit. You’ll come to your mat not in pieces but in peace, knowing that you’re exactly who you need to be and where you need to be in that moment. This practice betters us to live in the moments off of our mats.

You’ll move your machine with intent; unlocking yourself with deep breath, open-mindedness and spectacular shapes designed to release & empower. After each practice you won’t just feel better, you’ll feel connected, balanced, strengthened, calm and smarter about you.

Yoga has a powerful way of bringing us back to what matters most. The insignificant thoughts and scenarios melt away, leaving us with a better base to live our lives on. This cleaned slate leaves us ready, ready to make better choices of what we want to allow in; in the way of thoughts, energies and fuel. These moments on the mat bring us to our edges, they soften edges and take the edge off our everyday, off the mat. Get edgy in 2020.

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