I don’t have a herd mentality and this is reflected in the way that I view yoga. I believe that a yoga practice is deeply personal and should not be herded into a ‘cookie cutter’ practice, especially one that insists that each posture should looked the exact same way on every body. We should focus on what yoga feels like versus what it looks like ~ Just like we do with our lives.

Yoga is about making it 100% our own ~ separating ourselves from the herd, crushing thoughts of comparison and halting the illusions of what we think we need to be. It’s about loving our broken, bruised and beautiful being. It’s about ‘balling up’ our whole selves, like a twisted knot of Christmas lights, and plugging into our lives by celebrating it all ~ both the brightly lit and the burnt out. We embracing the wins + the warts, the highs + the lows and everything in between ~ those long stretches of discoveries. 

Yoga encourages us to be infatuated with the known and the unknown and the delectable dance that they do in our heads. Yoga can lead us into a ‘head over heels love’ with our lives, a place where we appreciate, accept and move with grace through it all; celebrations, struggles, surrendering and savoring. Inside out living is yoga ~ A connection to our own selves and then outwardly to community.  

Yoga’s bodily benefits are simple. We create shapes that release blocked spaces in our body. In doing this, our blood, oxygen and energy is freed to flow freely. When free to flow, healing and harmony happens. Our bodies mimic our lives; often holding onto stress and tension due to history, hurt, fear and pain. We do this unknowingly, finding ourselves in this protection mode. These practical poses develop better function; increasing stamina, strength, stability and flexibility.

View yoga as an unsung supporter of life. It’s an enhancer, a magnifier and a celebrator. It’s a mind clearer, a body relaxer and opportunity to know ourselves better. A bit of breath and movement can cue our minds and nervous system to slow down. Putting our lives on pause while we pose, can release the unhealthy and unproductive thinking and put into focus what our hearts need to grip on to, tighter.

For those who haven’t tried yoga, I urge you to strike a pose or two. It doesn’t have to be a complicated experience. You don’t have to OM, speak in Sanskrit, know what chakras are or be super duper spiritual. You are a spirit that has a body and that makes you qualified. You can do one posture or one hundred, there’s no scorekeeping or competing factors.

A yoga practice can put us on a magic carpet ride into a world full of heaping ways to heal one’s self. It’s gentle, non-toxic, reflective, informative and becomes a blueprint to our higher selves. If happiness is the intended journey, yoga helps to point us in the right direction.  

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