Happy people aren’t mean people, its impossible. The happy are too busy living on the brighter side of life. These reward seekers and satisfied reapers are sweet from their spirit. They are horizon expanders, respectful engagers, lovers and non-judgers. The happy have no time for discouraging words and have no need for the down-putting of others. These are the ways of the down spirited, the weak and the jaded, as they manufacture false superiority.

The genuinely happy fix and adjust themselves, knowing when a shift and a change is necessary for improvement, advancement or self-preservation. They aren’t complicated or complacent, they are creative, intuitive and imaginative. They’re not blamers or excuse makers, they’re believers and ‘becomers’. The happy-hearted carve their own way, free of entitlement, deserving and nerving attitudes. These self assured selves shine from the inside out, treating others with care and kindness. The happiest of the happy are content and proud of their imperfectly perfected lives formed from real life living. The harmony of their words, actions and energy is like confetti sprinkled on their already beautiful life.

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