Cheers to the graceful, the workers of their words and those who use stones to strengthen their own house. The power of humility, patience and common sense are valuable tools when experiencing judgement and hate. The level headed and the respectful entertain a variety of opinions, free of reaction and with richness of thought, knowing that a discussion is superior to a fight. An assumption that we know other’s thoughts and beliefs is an unsteady ground for an exchange. We mustn’t mistake non engagement for complacency or surrender. Sometimes, the silence holds extraordinary depth, knowledge and unspoken action. Taking others’ inventory, does not make our lives better, it’s like building a house of sand – temporarily satisfying but easily washed away. The measure of happiness is found in the greening of one’s own garden; a result of a hard work, reflection and soul seeking . We cultivate grace and sprinkle over our lives, it’s gift to ourselves and to every life that our lives touch.

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