Giving Thanks to the Greater Givings

It’s easy to be thankful for the easily attained or the ‘right place at the right time’ of fortunate timing. How about the ‘under-thanked’ moments, the ones that make us work for our lives; the painful, the heart wrenching and spirit crushing? Life’s unexpected and directional changing moments that are paved by our footsteps on the unsteady surfaces that will eventually become our future’s foundation. Can I get a ‘hell yeah’ for the uncomfortable spaces that make us squirm in the seat of the unknown, forcing us to pry open tinted windows and kick open unfamiliar doors? Fist bumps to the heartaches and heartbreaks, that scar us into beastly beings who cannot recognize how weak we once were. These are the forgotten flashes in time that flame our forever. It’s the deliberate walk out of the fire that draws in the pillars of strength that surround a happier and healthier life. Let us give thanks for the unexpected vacancies, making room for heartier happiness. Our weathered lives are tantalizingly textured and loaded with lessons, making for delicious chapters of heroes and heroines with toughened spirits and developed characters. The unspoken, undone, underwhelming of the uncontrollable all take their proper placement in the past, sometimes with a chosen finger in the rearview, for their proper good-bye. The gems of life are found just beyond the challenge, after the storm and through the weeds. Our down and outs deliver us to the up and onwards of a sweeter life. These are the greater ‘Givings’ to give thanks for.

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