Function & Family

We’ve been renovating our home over the last few years, constantly moving toward more function. We had a couple of living rooms in our old home, which is not the case in our current home. What we’ve sacrificed in space, we’ve made up in every other way. However, this means every area of our home should be used optimally. When our living spaces have better purpose, our lives benefit.

Last week our son had friends over. Five teenagers in his ‘postage stamp size’ bedroom. On my mind, as I went up to our bedroom and then into our ‘walk-in closet’ room, was how they were crammed into this tiny space. I thought to myself, “why do our clothes need a room of their own (seemed dumb) and how much time do we actually spend up here”? Other than a night’s rest, probably about 12.5 minutes per day. What a silly use of space, we’re not ‘sleeper-inners’ and it’s not important to us to have a master suite situation. It’s more important that our family has a functional house.

In a 3-minute conversation, we decided we would move our bedroom downstairs into one of the three smaller bedrooms and give our son a bigger bedroom and ‘entertaining’ space. When he graduates, our daughter will have her time in that same space, keeping it equal (as moms, we strive to do this). In the meantime, she can have the additional bedroom downstairs for her 6th grade sleepovers and such. This time in our lives is 100% about our kids. When they’re happy, we’re ecstatic.

We’ve not been as excited about a project in a long time. In one week, the teenage dream suite is done and as I type, five freshman friends are over enjoying the Superbowl. We’ve been smiling ear to ear, listening to the giggling and the goofing off. Literally music to our parental ears.

We’ve downsized the insignificant, as it relates to our clothing and accessories. We’ve comfortably moved our sleeping quarters to the main floor. The bonus, my husband created the room(s) he always wanted, as a kid. Here’s to living vicariously! We’re feeling super good on this Superbowl Sunday, scored one for family.

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