I’m desperate to know what you are for and not what you are against. Tell me why something is amazing without spotlight things that are not. I’m hungry to hear people’s passions and watch them gush.

Being against something uglies the soul. It leaves a stain, blemishing and infecting our good natures. If a focus is cemented in being against something, it will negatively penetrate a life. It will eat people from the inside out and may be a breeding ground for a bad life. Habitually insulting, blaming and hating changes a person. The negative person wears a lens that is the furthest from rose-colored but work in the same way – it’s glossed in the intended view, first. The ‘against’ view is one of gloom and doom, sadness and madness. Outward critiquing is a weak man’s temporary strength.

It’s a martyring instead of a mastering situation. A pointing out of other’s problems, can be a tactic to avoid the powerful and truthful mirror of the insides. How we treat others is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. We’re only as happy as our most negative thought or word.

Adversely, inside construction is where beauty blooms. If we focus on what we’re for, versus what we’re against, we flip the script. Our outlook brightens and we’re able to feel the satisfaction that comes from being wise about who we are. This breeds our capabilities and lays down a pathway to change and betterment, for both our inside world and how we affect the outside world.

It’s easy to be against something. However, being for something calls our spirits into action. Growth is impossible if we’re only against things or diminishing others. We grow when we’re proactively changing and moving forward, for something.

Where does the happy grow? It’s not in the past or in the future, it’s in the doing that we do today, in our present moments. It grows where we groom it and attend to it. A ‘for’ mindset shines the light into our darkest places and encourages the healing of the hurt, which creates strength. This is true strength, superior to the temporary fix of a critics whip.

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