All Eggs in One Basket, Scrambled into a New Life

Five years and seven months ago, we threw our basket of eggs out the proverbial window. We rented out our much loved home (of 14 years), moved into our camper for three months, then found a new-to-us home in beautiful Newbury, NH. 

This was a bumpy time, as we pulled the tattered pieces of our life together, it was a clunky and cryptic. The home we found in Newbury needed some love and we were ready to be in love again. This house was left to adult children and had been on the market for awhile. One of the siblings convinced the others to enter into a lease-option-to-buy situation with us. Thank goodness for this big-hearted man, who was empathetic to our situation. 

This once loved property was now in the hands of a new family, who would bring it back to life. This was a saving grace, as our life in our previous hometown was falling into piddling pieces.  

18 months later, we were even further away from owning the Newbury property. Our 17 year-old business was on the horizon of closure, we were not able to sell our other properties and our financial life was unsteady.

An unexpected savior entered into our messy story, an unsung and not-wanting-anything-in-return hero. He recognized the unfair fight that we were battling and believed in us. With his help we began again, from the bottom up. His generosity allowed us to remain in our Newbury home.

Four more years passed, a business closed and the rebuilding of our new life continued. We desperately shielded the messiest of these times from our children and shoved ourselves forward, inch by inch. 

Along the way a new life surfaced and the shit scenario of our old life sank to the bottom and floated away. With our backs to the wall and noses to the grindstone, a solidly shaped future began to form. Our souls have seasoned, preparing us to level up. 

The day we’ve been working for arrived today. We drove through a wintery mix of sleet and freezing rain, to our closing. The weather appropriately reflected our 5+ years of struggle. We made our way out of the storm to one of our happiest hours.

In walked our forever friend, the person who made our family’s new chapter possible. This unsung soul will never be forgotten. The burdens of the past lifted as we signed page after page, making our beloved home our own. This one day has reframed our broken road into the pavement that was necessary for our progression. The words ‘Home Sweet Home’ never felt so sweet.  

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