Leigh Ann Root brings years of experience and appreciation of the human body to each class. It’s with purposeful passion and deep desire, that she shares her love of yoga and ever growing knowledge of the human condition. Leigh Ann is an everyday yogi who continuously strives to balance daily life with spiritual growth and connection to the world around her.

Belief ~ The physical practice will help to open and strengthen our magnificent machine, this brilliant body that moves us through life.

Yoga will add balance, focus, health and energy to our lives. It will subtract out the insignificant, the energy depleting and the unhealthy.

Sunapee Yoga Company’s goal is to inspire a practical practice, where you’ll meet yourself, beautifully. Yoga is timeless and the benefits are endless.

Simplicity is the elimination of the unnecessary that clutters our lives. This can come in the form of thoughts, environments, commitments, people, and the list goes on and on. Basically, the distractions that prevent us from moving forward. What’s working? What’s not? What adds to our happiness? What takes away from it?

This is not complex. It only requires deeper thought and the absence of fear. It’s the unknown, we’re afraid of. What will the action of elimination leave us with?

Is more better? Will more people, more places and more things satisfy us deeper? More requires more. More can leave us stretched thin, watered down and convoluted with chaos. This version of ourselves can become unrecognizable. It can happen when we’re driven from the outside versus the inside. This brings confusion.

Introspection and stillness can lead us to simplicity and awareness. Our healthiest and happiest existence includes positive mindfulness, smart nutrition, physical movement and proper rest, as a foundation.

Upon this, we add the our magic. This is the secret ingredient that can only come from us. This is a purpose, which is formed from the gifts we were given at birth. This personal recipe makes us unique. It’s not the roles we play or the jobs we work. If we’re lucky they can gorgeously overlap and enhance the quality of our lives and all the lives we touch.